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Our mission

Owner financing... made easy!

Owner finance buyers have been ignored for many years. For the most part, they are hard working Americans that pay their taxes, have income, and are responsible enough to set money aside for a downpayment. But they don't have access to bank loans because they may not fully understand how credit works, are self employed, or don't have a social security number. 

We believe that if you saved up between 16% and 21% and have income, you deserve a home.

The problem? Most owner finance buyers have to settle and deal with the following situations:

  • Limited inventory,
  • Inexperienced sellers,
  • Very high downpayments,
  • High interest rates, 
  • Balloon payments,
  • Prepayment penalties,
  • Incorrect, outdated, or sometimes illegal paperwork, 
  • Double negotiations,
  • Lack of available real estate agents,
  • In other words, the traditional model sucks for the buyers!

Our solution? We provide a FAIR platform where an owner finance buyer can be treated with respect and get a FAIR deal. 

Once approved, we allow you to pick from thousands of homes for sale on any number of websites including zillow.com, realtor.com, trulia.com and the MLS. Once you pick just the right home, submit an offer and expect to close within 28 days or less.  These are some of the reasons industry experts consider our terms very fair:

  • No balloons 
  • No prepayment penalties
  • No PMI
  • 30 year mortgages
  • Market interest rates  
  • Low downpayment options
  • Taxes and insurance escrowed
  • Title insurance obtained
  • Warranty Deed in the name of the buyer given
  • "Common sense underwriting"

Who benefits most? Anybody who prefers owner financing may apply. Three groups of people benefit most. Those are:

  • Self Employed individuals
  • Those with bad credit (and good income)
  • Those without a US social security number 

If you need owner financing, we hope you see the advantages of partnering with us!


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Program Specialist dedicated to providing exceptional clients happiness and making their home buying goals a reality REGARDLESS OF SITUATION





Dedicated to making OWNER FINANCING available to the masses regardless of credit situation, self employment, or migratory situation.





Program Specialist dedicated to providing a flawless transaction coordination through the closing process and purchase.

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3 easy steps to buy


Step #1 - THE CALL

THE CALL: We make owner financing easy. The first step in our propriety program is to schedule a personal, private, and confidential no obligation FREE phone call where we discuss your specific circumstances and share with you our proprietary process.


Step #2 - the approval

THE APPROVAL: Approval is easy. Most  only require 16%-21% TOTAL CASH TO CLOSE and ability to make payments. Either way, you can start shopping every imaginable home in your market today!


Step #3 - THE HOME

FIND YOUR HOME: Once you've located the perfect home, we will submit an offer to purchase, close on it, and then turn around and owner finance it to you at terms you already approved and are happy with. 

That's it!


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